Bible Quizzing is a great way to learn God's Word.  Teen quizzing uses jump seats.  After a question is asked, participants jump off their seat.  a light is triggered to identify who jumped first.  They are then called upon by the Quizmaster (one asking the questions)
Click a link below for further information.  Watch the videos to see why teens love quizzing and the recent nation competition with ENC going against NNU.

General Quizzing Information

Order Quizzing Materials:


Specific Leader resources for the General Church can be found here:  

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WORD ACTION  (The Foundry - formally NPH)

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8 year Quiz Cycle: 
Each year a new book or selection of books are studied and quizzed.  The Cycle is listed below.  Once it is completed, the cycle begins again.  Quizzing materials can be ordered by the links in a section below.  Normally quizzing material for the upcoming quiz year is available as early as May of the current quiz year.  Get your materials early so you can study early!
Hebrews and 1 & 2 Peter
      1. Matthew
      2. Romans and James
      3. Acts
      4. Galatians, Ephesians Philippians, Colossians, Philemon
      5. Luke
      6. 1 & 2 Corinthians
      7. John

Information Specific to Pittsburgh District Quizzing

Want to know what happens at a quizmeet?   Know the difference between Junior Varsity and Varsity?  Got questions about what to wear or how to register?

Click the Button and get all your questions answered!  The Pittsburgh District Quizzing Ministry is a growing ministry and welcomes churches to join.  There will always be questions, but hopefully your questions can be answered in one simple document.  If you have more, then just contact the director by visiting the contact page.

Information Specific to Eastern Field Quizzing


Regional Quizzing is also called Field Quiz.  We are a part of the Eastern Nazarene College Field.  Each year, districts within this field come together and compete at a regional level.  There are usually four different categories for quizzing:  Varsity A, Varsity B, Junior Varsity A and Junior Varsity B.  Teams representing the District are determined by the respective district.  For the Pittsburgh District, the highest averages are what determine placement for a respective team.  Varsity will quiz Varsity at the Regional Level;  Junior Varsity will quiz Junior Varsity unless there is need and ability to quiz Varsity. Dates change each year, but the quiz meet is held in May, usually 2nd/3rd weekend. Check the Quiz Schedule each year to confirm dates.  Opening Ceremony starts Thursday evening and Quizzing will occur Friday and Saturday of the Respective weekend.  The Award Ceremony will be held Saturday night.  Travel arrangements can be made by the respective district and/or individual churches.  For the Pittsburgh District, we do desire and try to travel together, schedules and cost may require different options for some churches.  Details regarding Travel arrangements will be provided each year.  Cost can vary, it is approximately $160 per person.  Food and Rooms are available and covered in cost.  Travel may increase the cost depending on arrangements made.  Quizzers and Spectators pay the same.
Those on the Varsity A team are the only quizzers eligible to make the Regional team which will then compete at the National level.  The National quiz will be held at General Assembly and during the years, there is no GA, it will be held at the "Q."  See below for information regarding "Q."    

Q 2018
A quizzing invitational open to all quizzers/coaches from all regions.

Q 2018 will be held at MidAmerica Nazarene University.

June 25- June 30 2018

Video Promos --

2017 National Competition:  ENC WINS!

Watch the advanced quizzers compete at General Assembly 2017.  Pre-jumping is quite common at this level, but that shouldn't scare anyone away from quizzing.  Quizzing is a wonderful ministry to learn God's Word in a unique and fun way.  It was also a great way to meet people from all over the district, as well as the region, and then the nation.  Lifetime friends and accountability partners can be made while participating in this ministry.