Can You Host a Quizmeet?

If your church would like to host a quiz meet for the upcoming quiz year, please complete the form below.  Quizmeets are held the 2nd Saturday of each month.  Registration for the quizmeet starts at 8:30 in hopes to start quizzing by 9AM.  The quiz day will last until approximately 4:30PM.   Once several churches have responded and we have a list to work from, confirmation of final month will be sent.  Therefore, please make sure the email provided is checked often.  

Thank you for your willingness to host a quizmeet. This will be an exciting year. Once many responses are recieved, a schedule can be prpeared. Confirmation of the final date will be sent via email so the church can prepare. If you have any questions, please contact Kerry Purnell:
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A few things to think about when hosting:

Rooms:  We tend to use 3-5 rooms for quizzing. More may be necessary depending number of teams…we won’t know that officially until summer and the first quizmeet. The Sanctuary is one that can be counted as a room.  If the room is used for a quizmeet, there would need to be enough room to set 8 chairs going across for quizzers to sit; room alongside for alternate quizzers;  a table with 2 chairs to hold the quizbox and sit the quizmaster and scorekeeper; 2 chairs on the side of the table for each team coach; and preferably enough room for spectators.

    Lunch:  Lunch is Typically provided by the Host Church.  If fast food restaurants are around, it can be acceptable to have fast food be the option…we will want to make it known upfront.  Also, if neither of these are doable, possibly food can be brought in or teams can be sack lunches.  Notification up front is necessary- the form has an option to mark.

      Worship:  The Worship segment is also normally provided by the host church.  Possibly the Pastor, youth pastor or quizzing coach would lead a devotion and then others provide the worship songs.  It is helpful if the host church can provide this.