- Our Mission - 
"Calling our generation to a dynamic life in Christ"

Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, 
but set the example for believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity. 
1 Timothy 4:12

- Core Values -

We value Young People ... significant in the kingdom of God.

We value the Bible ... God's unchanging truth for our lives.

We value Prayer ... vital interactive communication with our heavenly Father.

We value the Church ... a global holiness community of faith, diverse in                                         culture but one in Christ.

We value Worship ... life-changing encounters with an intimate God.

We value Discipleship ... a lifestyle of becoming like Christ.

We value Community ... building relationships that help bind us together and                                   to God.

We value Ministry ... extending God's grace to our world.

We value Witness ... sharing God's love in word and deed.

We value Holiness ... a work of grace whereby God, through the working of                                the Holy Spirit, enables us to live a life representing                                  Christ in who we are are in everything we do.


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Pittsburgh NYI Council 2018-2019

*President – Jason Barnett, Monongahela, PA   Email:  onthebunnytrailministries@gmail.com

* Vice-President -- Tim Meeks, Waynesburg, PA     Email: pastor.tmeeks@gmail.com

*Secretary – Michelle Russell, Beaver Falls, PA     Email: secretary@pittnyi.com

*Treasurer – Tom Aaron, West Newton, PA     Email: nyitreasurer@gmail.com

Pittsburgh NYI  Youth Representatives:

Kim Lyons

Derek McCarriher

Emily Grimm

Caleb Kerss

Kurtis Martin

Rachel Smith

* = Executive Council Member


Ministry Team Leaders

Family Camp 2018 –   Ashley Furr, New Galilee, PA      Email: ashfurr15@gmail.com

Festival of Life 2019 –  Mark Cooper, Butler, PA     Email:  macoop25@gmail.com

Bible Quizzing (2018-19) – Kerry Purnell, Waynesburg, PA     Email:  kpurnell@waynesburg.edu

Teen Camp 2018 (Senior High) –  Tom Aaron, West Newton, PA      Email: nyitreasurer@gmail.com

Teen Camp 2018 (Junior High) –  Ashley Furr, New Galilee, PA      Email: ashfurr15@gmail.com

Encuentro 2018 (Costa Rica) -- Dana Young, Albion, PA    Email:  nacelpa@windstream.net

NYI Missions Coordinator 2017 -- Marty Bausman, Waynesburg, PA     Email:  mbausman@comcast.net

Winter Retreat North 2019 --  Samantha Vannoy, Edinboro, PA     Email:  givethemgrace05@gmail.com

Winter Retreat South 2019 -- Tim Meeks, Waynesburg, PA     Email: pastor.tmeeks@gmail.com