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Attention Youth Leaders:
 Below is information for setting up an opportunity to take your youth group to visit to Eastern Nazarene College.

Who do I contact?

What does ENC provide?

  • 1- 2 nights of housing on campus for students
  • 1-2 nights in our guest apartment for adult/ chaperone
  • Meals in the dining commons for 1- 2 days
  • Meeting with Admissions Counselor
  • Campus Tour
  • Chapel Visit (Friday’s only)
  • Class Visit ( based on schedule)
What do I need to provide for ENC?
  • Dates of anticipated visit
  • Number of students and adults
  • Genders- helpful for dorm placements
  • Majors- Needed for faculty/ class visits

How do I select my dates?

  • Click below to access available dates and times to set up a campus visit