Winter Retreat South

Feb. 16-18, 2018

Retreat will begin on Friday, February 16th @ 7:00p (registration @ 6pm) and will conclude on Sunday, February 18th @ 12pm.

This year's speaker is Jason Barnett:

Jason is the youth pastor at the Monongahela Church of the Nazarene. He is the founder of On Bunny Trail Ministries. O.B.T. is Jason’s speaking ministry in which he has the goal of passionately preaching the truth of God’s work and the joy of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

381 Willis Road Jefferson, PA

This year's location is Cornerstone Ministry Center:

Cornerstone is run and operated by Children's Bible Ministries of SWPA. The camp is located at 381 willis road in jefferson, PA. 

To note, retreat was held at cornerstone in '14 & '15. 

What to bring:

Sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries (tooth brush, D.O. for the B.O., Shampoo, etc, winter clothing (jacket, hat, gloves, snow pants, boots, etc), sleds (if there is adequate snow on the ground), Bible , notebook , and a pencil or pen.

If your child choses to bring a cell phone or other electronic devices the Pittsburgh NYI nor the local church is responsible if they would get lost, stolen, or broken. To note, the use of cell phones and electronic devices will be restricted at the discretion of the Winter Retreat Director.

Code of Conduct: 

Participation w/ the group is expected. Respect the property of the camp/others. Respect one another, staff, and leaders. Respect and comply with event schedules. No possession or use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. No fighting, weapons, fireworks, lighters, or explosives. No offensive or immodest clothing. No offensive language/swearing. No boys in the girls’ sleeping quarters and no girls in the boys’ sleeping quarters.


Students who fail to comply with these expectations may be sent home at parents’ expense.

Please mail your registration form & payment ($65 - checks payable to Pittsburgh district nyi) to Pastor Timothy Meeks (115 Deerfield Lane Waynesburg, PA 15370) by February, 1st, 2018.