Festival Of Life

March 15 - 17, 2018

"Fall Forward" Retreat

Festival of Life 2018 Try-Outs

On Friday and Saturday, November 17-18th, we will be holding try-outs for Festival Of Life 2018,

 at the District Center in Butler. 

WE will be beginning at 7pm on Friday. It is important that everyone pre-registers for this event 

as we will be scheduling the tryouts at specific times for each event.

 We also need to know so that we can have coaches or judges available.

Cost is $35 which covers your stay at the district center as well as pizza and breakfast. 

We will end at noon on Saturday and lunch will be on your own.

Whether you are participating in an event or not come enjoy the night with your friends and have a blast. 

To attend Festival of Life at ENC in March you do not have to participate in an event. 

You can go as a spectator. However to participate in an event you MUST to attend the Fall Try-Outs. 

We are at a place where we will have to choose whose going in specific activities to represent our district.

While you can try out for multiple events to go to Festival of Life, you will only be able to participate in one sport this year at ENC.

Click below to download the registration form
for the "Fall Forward" Retreat (F.O.L. Tryouts)

2018 FOL Events:



  • Women’s Volleyball
  • Men’s Basketball
  • Women’s Basketball
  • Men’s Soccer
  • Dodgeball
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Individual Running
  • Relay Running


  • Singles Table Tennis
  • Chess
  • Math/Science Quizzing

Arts and Crafts:

  • Painting
  • Drawing and Prints
  • Sculpture
  • Crafts
  • Still Photography

Christian Communication:

  • Men’s Vocal Solo
  • Women’s Vocal Solo
  • Vocal Group
  • Vocal Choir
  • Instrumental Solo
  • Instrumental Group
  • Bands
  • Keyboard Solo
  • Group Drama
  • Puppetry
  • Interpretive Worship
  • Interpretive Worship Movement
  • Digital Media (video)


  • Creative Writing
  • Poetry