If you are seeking to spend the night at a church for a specific quiz meet, please contact the respective director/coach/church accordingly. 
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Bradford First Church of the Nazarene

Lorie Bradford
Cell:  814-648-0819

Tawnia Norris
Cell:  814-648-0819
Other Contact: Corey Giles or Caleb Snyder

Caleb Snyder
Cell:  814-591-4817
[email protected]
Corey Giles
Cell:  814-651-6700
[email protected]

California Calvary Church of the Nazarene

Jackie Abbott
California Calvary
Cell:   412-99-5397 
[email protected]

Community Life Center (Grace Lutheran Church)
79 Mechanic Street, Bradford, PA 16701/ Church #: 814-362-3244 

Brandon Baney
Community Life Center
Cell:   1-814-363-7210
[email protected]

Coraopolis Church of the Nazarene
386 Shafer Road, Coraopolis, PA 15108/ Church #: 412-264-4582 (Pastor -TBD)

David McCarriher
Cell:  724-777-1621
[email protected]
Other Contact:  Denise 724-312-4888

Kenny Flanagan
Cell:  724-494-1004
[email protected]

Hart Avenue Church of the Nazarene
205 Hart Avenue, Washington, PA 15301 / Church #: 724-223-2022 (Interim Pastor Kerry Purnell)

Kerry Purnell (District Director)
Cell: 305-301-9496 

HillCrest Church of the Nazarene

Samantha Vannoy
Cell:  724-650-4317
[email protected]

Monongahela Church of the Nazarene
206 Tenth Street, Monongahela, PA 15063 / Church #: 724-258-3743 (Pastor Raymond R. DiCamillo)

Jason Barnett
[email protected]

Oil City Church of the Nazarene
601 E. Second Street, Oil City, PA 16301/ Church #: 814-676-9312/  (Pastor Rev. Scott King)

Doris Davis
Oil City
Cell:  814-671-7307
[email protected]

Cindy Beichner
Oil City

[email protected]

Philipsburg Church of the Nazarene
3435 Philipsburg Bigler Hwy , Philipsburg, PA 16866/ PO BOX 726 / Church #: 814-342-3364/  (Pastor Rev. John Versaw)

John Versaw
Cell:  814-762-6211
[email protected]

Titusville Church of the Nazarene

Debra Abrigo
Cell: 814-671-5585
[email protected]

Union City Church of the Nazarene
119 S. Main Street, Union City, PA 16438/ Church #: 814-217-7147 (Pastor Rev. George Tutor)

Tricia Tharp
Union City
Cell: 814-464-5685
[email protected]

Waynesburg Church of the Nazarene
​115 Deerfield Lane, Waynesburg, PA 15370 / Church #: 724-627-7054 (Pastor John Poling)

Joy Engle- Young 
Cell: 724-993-3309 
[email protected]

Brandy Talpas


Cell: 724-747-5347

[email protected]